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Dominion DX Group
P.O. Box 29334
Richmond, VA 23242

DDXG Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What is the Dominion DX Group?
A: The DDXG is an assembly of central Virginia area amateur radio operators who are committed to furthering the Amateur Radio Service in its highest traditions, by drawing from the experience of seasoned operators. They are committed to raising up the next generation of hams by looking to the rich past, while focusing on the future.

A hallmark of Dominion DX is "Elmering," the willingness to teach others how to follow in their footsteps and raise their technical skills, while maintaining a high degree of discipline. The members of Dominion DX are committed to the teaching of and adherence to the FCC Rules and "good amateur practice."

Q: Why was the Dominion DX Group formed?
A: Concerned about a marked decline in "good amateur practice," compliance with FCC rules, and a seeming influx of newly-licensed hams devoid of any knowledge of operating protocol, Dominion DX Group has committed itself to making a difference in amateur radio. Dominion DX has placed a high bar in the expectations of its members, both in operating habits and in service.

Desiring to preserve amateur radio for generations to come, they have taken it upon themselves to Elmer newer hams; helping them reach their next level of achievement.

Not too long ago the Novice license was the entry level ticket, expiring at the end of one year unless the licensee advanced. Because of the automatic expiration, some who might not have been otherwise motivated, became Amateur General class licensees.

However, most new hams today will start with a "codeless" Technician class license, restricted to operation on 50 MHz and above. Unfortunately, many licensees can become complacent at that level, some even desiring that licensing standards be lowered even more to allow them privileges for which others worked hard! DDXG is committed to making inroads toward eliminating the sub-class category of operators that has emerged, by lending a willing hand to help others progress.

The members of the Dominion DX Group have committed themselves to being an example for others to follow, desiring to show "real" ham radio to all who want to 'reach for the next rung,' sharing their knowledge, experience and expertise with the amateur community.

DDXG operates within the rich traditions of amateur radio, taking a dim view on illegal radio operation, and has chosen to educate those desiring to learn the proper way, as well as report violators to the FCC. Dominion DX is determined to ensure that its integrity remains above reproach, far from that of persons who choose to operate illegally, as with other radio services.

Q: What are the requirements to become a member of the Dominion DX Group?
A: Full membership is by vote, once candidates have accomplished the following:
  • Possess a General Class amateur radio license or higher.
  • Work a minimum of 25 DXCC entities.
  • Provide proof of ARRL membership.
  • Have a record of compliance with FCC rules & observation of "good amateur practice."
  • Demonstrate the desire to further amateur radio, expand one's horizons by striving for personal accomplishment, and further the mission of the club.
  • Associate membership is is also available in accordance with the club Constitution & By-laws.
Q: Must I be a DXer to be a Dominion DX Group member?
A: No. But one of the elementary rungs on the ladder of achievement in ham radio is the mastering of a rudimentary level of skill in CW, and a working knowledge of the basic radio theory that is part of the General Class license requirements. Absent that experience, one would find it difficult to teach others how to do what they have not yet accomplished themselves.

"DX" means different things, although the first thought is of intercontinental HF contacts. Whether this, QRP, or the grid squares sought by VHF/UHF contesters, "DX" in the pure sense means learning new skills and applying knowledge to push the limit on one's previous accomplishments, according to the band, power and mode being used.

Beyond the licensing requirement, ham radio's offerings are broad. Some hams develop an interest in DX, RDF, AM, CW, VHF/UHF weak signal work, EME, or the many digital modes. There is room for all of these amateurs in the Dominion DX Group, as long as they have met the basic requirements and desire to teach others.

Q: Can I get help from DDXG with ham radio?
A: Absolutely! For those interested in 2 meter FM operation, we will be glad to refer you to the proper resources. But if you are determined to explore the full offering of amateur radio, we are available to coach and teach in order to help you reach your goal. Just email us and we'll help you get started!