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Dominion DX Group
P.O. Box 29334
Richmond, VA 23242

Dominion DX believes that our associations tell more about us than we sometimes would want! But rather than having a single snapshot by which to make a judgment, take a look and the similarities, as well as the diversity within our club.

In keeping with the FCC's requirements concerning the character of an amateur radio operator, we consider personal issues to be worthy of considering as well. Thus, caliber is a defining attribute for the DDXG, as well as countenance.

A prerequisite for membership in the DDXG is ARRL membership. DDXG is proud to be an ARRL affiliated club. While we may not always agree with the stance of the ARRL on a particular issue, it is still our only lobby and voice in America for ham radio. DDXG believes there is strength in numbers and that the future for ham radio resides in our unity as we remain determined to keep high character and technical standards a part of the Amateur Radio Service. Stand with us and become a member of the ARRL!

Other group affiliations include the Amateur Radio Lighthouse Society (ARLHS), the Potomac Valley Radio Club (PVRC) and Central Virginia Contest Club (CVCC). In addition, many members belong to other central Virginia clubs, such as the Richmond Amateur Radio Club (RARC) and the Richmond Amateur Telecommunications Society (RATS), as well as specialty radio organizations.