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Dominion DX Group
P.O. Box 29334
Richmond, VA 23242

DDXG Members
W4LEW - Lew Best
I was born in Richmond Virginia and have been in Richmond most of my life. Went to Thomas Jefferson High School and graduated in 1958. Went to Va. Tech and majored in Business Administration graduating in 1963. Worked in the medical industry from 1963 to 1996 when I retired. Most of my products were some type of medical electronics. Pacemakers, heartlung machines, intensive care monitoring systems are some of the products that I handled. Got my Technician license in July, 2009, General in November 2009, Extra in March 2010. Married for 46 years and have two children, and four grandsons. Love Amateur Radio and golf.

K4CNF - Guy Carlsen
I have been interested in Amateur Radio since my teens and have done some casual SWL. In the mid-70s I became more involved in clubs and activities but unfortunately, because of life's priorities, did not become licensed as KC7AIW until 1994. At that time I was honored to be under the tutelage of the W7DK school cadre.

As life happens I moved to Four Land, and became very active in Ham Radio, working through to Extra Class, becoming a DXer, getting involved in some UHF/VHF and HF contesting. (In fact, being a DXer made me change my call to one that worked better. There's no hint like being told, "Oh I thought you were west, let me turn my beams around.) I became an active member of three clubs in the area and helped to start a fourth, The Dominion DX Group.

I am very interested in DXing, having just earned my first two DXCC awards. I also am interested in contesting, QRP, RTTY, and Elmering. I continue to work toward a goal of CW proficiency, that I believe is important to reach the goals I have in Ham Radio. I like working with people and hope to assist others in becoming the best amateur radio ops they can be. I believe in the traditions and values of Amateur Radio and hope that we do not lose those values in the future.

I try to elmer by first leading by example. I have learned a great deal from others, and have been fortunate to have been directly influenced by some of Amateur Radio's learned men and women. I look forward to the adventure, and reach for new accomplishments.

K4AUR - Mike Gabbert
My interest in amateur radio dates back to the seventies. I grew up in the small west Texas town of Clyde. Testing was only done at FCC field officesóno VEC program until 1984. The closest FO was in Dallas, about 180 miles east on Interstate 20.

As a high school student living at home and not driving, there was no way I was ever going to get licensed. Nonetheless I would get books about amateur radio like the ARRL Handbook and sometimes pick up a copy of QST, CQ or 73 magazines.

In May of 1982 I moved to the Texas Hill Country. I picked Austin because that was where I tried the college thing about 10 years earlier. I loved the city, but didnít take to college life too well. I wasnít thinking radio during this time. It was not until 1988 until I took my Novice exam. I passed both the written and 5 WPM code elements on October 27th, my 35th birthday. It seemed like forever, but was only November 15th when I actually got my ticket.

I tried joining clubs like the Austin ARC to see how radio was really done, but I never managed to fit in. I not a particularly outgoing person so I donít horn myself in if no one invites me. Everyone in this club seemed to have their own thing going so I dropped out and let them do it. I was radio inactive from the time I first got my license until coming to Richmond some dozen years later and joining the Richmond Amateur Telecommunications Society where I met and got to know some of the local radio community.

Although I did upgrade my license in 1991 to Tech Plus while attending an electronics trade school back in Austin, still, I did nothing with it. Oh, I got a 2M handie-talkie, but that was just for show. I had no one on the other end to talk to. Even today I am not one much for chit-chat on a repeater.

But finally I became active in radio. Along about 1999 I attended one of Pat Wilsonís (W4PW) VEC testing sessions and upgraded to General. Then came the folks who I first met at RATS, and who now make up DDXG, that got me going. They got me to building antennas and working DX. They encouraged me and challenged me. More than once Iíve been moved out of my comfort zone into trying something new in amateur radio. My favorite thing is DX. Itís a wonderful way of making the world a little smaller. Itís a way to meet someone in a far away and exotic place, and discover where that place is on a globe.

It was at this time I took a vanity call. My original, FCC-issued call was KB5HSA. I had it changed to K4AUR. Itís not my initials, and it doesnít stand for anything, but compare the two in CW. It is so much more efficient.

And CW is another exciting thing I like to do. I canít say Iím very good, but I enjoy it. DDXG member Robert, W4BNO, and I are code practice buddies and have a fairly regular biweekly CW chat. Right now Iím sort of stuck at about 10 WPM. It seemed pretty easy to double my speed from five to ten WPM. I was hoping to find it as easy to double it again. Not! As those of you who have struggled through that 12-13 WPM plateau can attest, it will take a lot more than 30 minutes every two weeks to get me past this block. Still, even at 10 WPM, itís fun to do, and you can find plenty of people in the Novice portions of the bands who would love to exchange a few dits and dahs at that speed.

In addition to DDXG I am also a member of the ARRL, QRP ARCI #12357 and FISTS #11614. I like that minimalist thing.

N4DWK - Dave Kiefer

N4LSP - Mike Baker

WV4Y - Marcus Ovando

WK4Y - Roy Davis
I was born in Ashland, Ky and lived there until I was eight years old. My Parents moved to Richmond in June of 1950 and I have been a resident of the Richmond VA area ever since. I attended Thomas Jefferson High School and I worked for the C&O Railroad now known as CSX Transportation for 30 Ĺ years in the Mechanical Dept., retiring December 1995.

I have four children and eight grandchildren. All living in the Richmond area except for one Son who resides in Minnesota.

I earned ny Novice License at age 15. I became an Extra Class in 1983. I became interested in contesting in 1982, and have been a member of (CVCC) The Central Virginia Contest Club ever since. I am also a member of (DDXG) Dominion DX Group, enjoy DXing, Contesting, and participating in club and public service events. I also enjoy working out at the Gym and competing in powerlifting events. My Wife, Edith, is supportive in all my endeavors, especially Amateur Radio.

W4DKR - Barry Miller
I am a retired teacher and needed a hobby, so here I am. I have enjoyed making contacts, both DX and continental US. Recently, I have been spending time using RTTY and enjoy that mode of operation. I received my Tech ticket in February of 2008 and upgraded to General in November 2008. A decision I am glad I made.
W1ZA - Duke Brown
First licensed in 1949 as W4QBK while living in Montgomery, AL. Completed BSEE at Auburn and MSEE at GA Tech. Flew jets for the Navy for a few years. Worked in hi tech fields most of my career first as an engineer, then in sales, marketing and busuness management.

Worked my first contest in 1952. It was 10 meters only and AM. Considerable contest activity over the years but age has now slowed my interest in banging out 48 hours in the saddle. I have worked all countries, and presently have worked 1876 band counties as of Oct '09.

My station is Yaesu MK5, Alpha 91B, 90 foot tower with 2 ele Cushcraft 40, 5 ele M Squared 20 meter killer, M Squared log periodic for 10 through 17 meters, 30 meter slopper, and inverted Vs and verticals for 80 and 160.

KD4ZDQ - Josh Cease
I was introduced to Amateur Radio in the mid 1980s by Mike Jopling (K8MJ) And Jerry Fanucci (K8JF)SK. I was fascinated with the glowing dials and Large knobs on the radios that seemed to fill up entire rooms in their houses.

I was allowed to accompany them to many Field Days that were held on The top of a mountain in West Virginia. In the true elmering spirit, I was Allowed to talk on the radio and make contacts. After moving to Virginia, I obtained my first license as KD4ZDQ in 1993. Primarily I was interested in

VHF/UHF communications and staying in touch with friends and family

On the local repeater system. I also enjoy monitoring the radio traffic on local Railroad lines. After settling in to the Richmond area, I picked up more of the

HF bug when I attended a Field Day sponsored by a local club. I upgraded to General Class in Aug of 2008. I consider myself to be an ďamateur AmateurĒ!! So far, I have enjoyed working DX, special events stations and have experimented with RTTY. My station in modest at this point, but it keeps me busy listening to the airwaves. My affiliation with DDXG has been extremely positive. The knowledge and cameraderie that is shared among members provides a wide base of knowledge. Without their knowledge, guidance and labor I would probably still be without an antenna in the trees!

W4BNO - Robert Orndorff

K4PUF - Andrew Slater

N4KFT - Parke Slater
At age 10 my father urged me to obtain my ham license. Absent the patience to do so, it was not until my son, Andrew was the same age that I assisted him with his Novice ticket, he becoming licensed as KG4GNL. In the process, I became licensed as KG4GLU with a Technician Class license, followed by my daughter, Amanda KG4NBF. I chased my son through the license classes until I later became the first Amateur Extra licensee in the family. He soon followed. Afterward, I became licensed as N4KFT.

Battling lifeís other obligations, I have fought to have adequate radio time, but have enjoyed it immensely. I have a ďthingĒ for VHF/UHF SSB, but as of late have re-focused on HF and DXCC.

While I have been fortunate enough to participate in several mini-DXpeditions and other public events, I consider my biggest accomplishment to be my association with numerous gentlemen and ladies in the amateur radio community. I am grateful to all who have taught me from the beginning, and to this date.

My greatest joy in amateur radio helping get a new ham started, seeing their enthusiasm ignite and watching them take off.

K4ADU - Chris Waters

WD4LBR - Bruce Blackley
I earned my Novice License in 1977 and upgraded to General Class a year later with the help of the classes taught by The Fauquier Radio Amateur Club. I was a member of The Fauquier Amateur Radio Club until moving to Richmond in 1997.

After moving to Richmond I joined CVCC and became interested in contesting and DXing.

When my wife Sheila, K4WNW, was studying for her Technician License, she persuaded me to study for my Extra class License. I earned my Extra Class License in 2002.

My favorite part of Ham Radio has always been RTTY starting with a Model 15 Teletype. RTTY has changed a lot through the years and I now enjoy RTTY contests using the computer instead of the old noisy Teletype machines.

I guess you could say my favorite part is getting everything set up and running and helping others get interested in the RTTY part of the hobby.

I started working towards five band DXCC six years ago and have managed to get DXCC on 10M, 15M, 20M, 40M, CW, RTTY and Phone. I only need to confirm twenty- two more countries on 80M to reach my goal of five band DXCC. I also have earned my WAS. This was accomplished without the use of an amplifier or a beam antenna. At this time my total confirmed country count is 283.

With a great deal of luck I managed to win the Roanoke Division first place plaque for the RTTY Roundup low power assisted class for 2007, 2008 and with the help of my wife, K4WNW, as co-operator, 2009.

My original call was WD4LBR and I never changed it. After 32 years itís too late to change now.

K4WNW - Sheila Blackley
I was licensed as KG4WNW in 2002 after observing my husband, Bruce, WD4LBR, enjoying the hobby for about 30 years.

My main reason for getting my license was for emergency purposes, never thought I would enjoy the Hobby that much. After getting my Technician class license I thought I would try to upgrade before they did away with the Morse code requirement. Well, I guess you could say about that time the Ham Radio Hobby Bug had caught me. I went ahead and kept upgrading and received my Extra Class License in 2004. I then changed my call to K4WNW.

You might ask how does it work for a husband and wife to both be Ham Radio operators in same house. We have been married for 44 years and through out our marriage we have always been each otherís best friend and tried to enjoy any interests the other one might have. We have enjoyed contesting as a team as well as our own individual accomplishments.

I have now confirmed 266 countries and have currently have DXCC on 10 Meters, 15 Meters, 20 Meters, also RTTY and phone. I also have my WAS.

I have enjoyed my association with all the nice people I have met through the hobby. I am a member of two Ham Radio Clubs in the Ricmond Area, Central Virginia Contest Club and Dominion DX Group

My current interests are Dxing and contesting. I also would like to learn more of the digital modes.

I am presently President of the Dominion DX Group Club and invite you to attend a meeting if you are able.

WS4WW - Bill Wiliford
USN Retired.