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Dominion DX Group
P.O. Box 29334
Richmond, VA 23242

The 3YX Peter I Island DXpedition

The Dominion DX Group is proud to be a Magellanic Level Sponsor of this DXpedition. The site tells you how you, too, can be a financial supporter. It tells you who the team members are, what's involved in this endeavor and how you can get souvenirs with the team's logo on them.

There This DXpedition, was originally planned for last year, but due to circumstances beyond their control it was postponed for one year. It has been rescheduled for early February 2006. Click on the logo to the left to get the latest news about the 3YX team.

The Richmond Amateur Radio Club since 1929. The oldest Virginia amateur radio club continuously affiliated with the ARRL.
The Central Virginia Contest Club. Some of our members are on the rolls of this club, too.
The Richmond Amateur Telecommunications Society. Home of the 146.880 and FrostFest.
W4PW, Pat Wilson's website. Pat is the ARRL's Virginia Section's Assistant Section Manager. Also get local VEC testing information here.
The Virginia Section website for the ARRL. Also provides a link the the Virginia Section ARES website and ARISS, Amateur Radio on the International Space Station.
Hamcall.net, Buckmaster's amateur radio supplies website. Includes the world famous Hamcall CD-ROM call sign database, major ham magazines on microfiche, new 6-Band Off-Center Fed Dipole and high capacity 12-volt batteries.
W4THU, Jim Thompson's antenna site. Home of the Carolina Windom. Get your antennas, feedlines and related accessories here.
Ham Radio Outlet. The candy store. 14803 Build America Dr, Woodbridge VA 22191.
Rod Denkin's quintessential website with links to all things ham. If you need to know about it, he's got a link to it. If he doesn't have it, you don't need it.
Like islands? We do. See here to learn all about our NA-083 Tangier Island IOTA expedition. This link tells you all about the RSGB program.
The choice of DDXG contesters. Very configurable, easy to use. Saves log files in ADIF or Cabrillo formats.
Keeping 10 alive. Times like these when propagation and the solar cycle is at an ebb is when we need to be on 10-meters.  Radio spectrum is golden. We can't let our disuse or the freebanders' and unlicensed trucker's misuse of it prompt the FCC to commercialize this band.
The National Institute of Standards and Time. The Official U. S. Time website. Don't just log it, log it exactly as it happens. Local time, any time zone and UTC.
QRP ARCI is perhaps the best known supporter, promoter and fraternity of low power radiophiles.  5 watts or less on CW and 10 watts PEP or lower on SSB.  With the new all-band, all-mode rigs out like the FT-817 or the IC-703, QRP is what's hot!
The Amateur Radio Relay League, the national association for amateur radio. The voice of hams like you and me in the halls of government. DDXG wholeheartedly supports the ARRL. We're all members.
The International Morse Preservation Society. Promotes accurate, courteous CW QSOs.  If you've worked a FIST, you've worked a friend.
Know who you're talking to. Get QSL information here along with a lot of other interesting things. Ham news, forums and swap or sell classifieds.
Online access to your favorite packet cluster. For us that would be W4ML's service from Manakin, Virginia.
The Telegraph Office.  K5RW, Neal McEwen's great homage to the roots of our hobby.
Need a filter for that TS-850SAT? Looking for a good deal on an FT-897? Something old, something new. Configure search engine to be as specific as you want. If you're looking for it, they've got it.
Powerwerx.com - If it's power related, you can find it here.
A very good Windows based contest logger.
DX Engineering, your source for complete antennas and professional grade antenna parts.
February 1, 2006. "Timonium Lite" Look NOW. Produced by the Baltimore Amateur Radio Club, Baltimore, Maryland. This mid-week, half-day event is FREE!!!
Produced by the Chesapeake Amateur Radio Society, Chesapeake, Virginia.
February 19, 2006. Produced by the Richmond Amateur Telecommunications Society, Richmond, Virginia.
April 23, 2006.  Produced by the Raleigh Amateur Radio Society, Raleigh, North Carolina.
Produced by the Vienna Wireless Society, Annandale, Virginia.
Produced by the Shenandoah Valley Amateur Radio Club, Berryville, Virginia.
March 25-26, 2006. AKA Timonium Hamfest.  Produced by the Baltimore Amateur Radio Club, Baltimore, Maryland.
Produced by the Virginia Beach Amateur Radio Club, Virginia Beach, Virginia.
May 19-21, 2006. The hamfest of hamfests.  Dayton, Ohio. You need to do this at least once in your ham life. Plan for it now.